Saturday, March 18, 2017

Austin's Apartment

Rather than moving into the dorms at school this semester, Austin thought living in one of the school's apartments would be a better option for him with less drama.  I was seriously worried about his ability to live in this kind of environment, especially when I hadn't actually seen the apartment but I agreed.  It was pretty inexpensive and maybe it would get him out of the drama scene that was so bad his first semester there.

I had to do a mid-week business trip to Kalamazoo which wasn't far from his school so we agreed to meet after classes at his apartment and go to dinner after.  Then I had an idea and sent him the following text messages:

I was cracking up - the "Art" I'm referring to is the apartment manager. I never planned on staying there.  LOL!  And boy am I glad - the beds are these boxes with vinyl mattresses.  Of course, MY kid had told me they were queen size beds so he doesn't have a mattress pad to fit them.  not that he would use it.....  Here he has two beds pushed together.  This is a THREE bedroom apartment with two beds in each room but he's in here alone.  The whole apartment is his.

I was shocked that the majority of his clothes are actually IN the dresser and some are folded.

This amused me.  This tiny table with only three chairs for an apartment that could sleep six.  

Typical apartment kitchen.

No dishwasher.  His friend told me he washed all the dishes for Austin before I got there.

Two of Austin's friends.  I had met the girl on the left last semester and she is his "sister".  The boy on the right (not her boyfriend) is a nice kid from Livonia.

The other half of the living room.  I think that is the smallest door mat/rug I have ever seen!!

Austin told me he had a surprise for me when I got there.  Can you tell what it is?

Yup.  He got his ears pierced.  He thought I would be mad but I wasn't at all.  The odds of him actually keeping earrings in and cleaned for 6 weeks are fairly low.  I got him some peroxide to keep them clean when we stopped at the store after dinner.....

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OnTheBit said...

I love it! And he is a college boy, he doesn't need things like mattress pads or door mats ;P