Monday, March 13, 2017

Crazy Cat Lady?

I might very well be turning into a crazy cat lady.  

This plant was on the windowsill just over the tub in the first picture.  Dang cat knocked it into the tub and I just stood there taking pictures amused by the whole thing.

Coming down to investigate his damage.

Perhaps muddling over how it got down there?

Checking it over carefully.

Because this happened just before I was leaving for work, I only picked up the plant and put it back before I left.  I came home to dirt tracked all over the bathroom and the plant back in the tub.  Grrr.  I guess the bathroom door needs to stay closed if I have any hope of keeping those plants where they are now.

1 comment:

OnTheBit said...

Yeah, I def keep the master bedroom door closed and our powder room door closed. Cats cannot be trusted! I do love that your first reaction was to laugh and take a picture!