Sunday, December 14, 2014

Laundry Room Remodel - almost done!

I really didn't think this project would take all that long but that was probably my first mistake.  Here it is as of last night - which was just before I started doing 2 weeks of laundry that's been waiting for the new washer and dryer (thanks to Mom and Dad for the early Christmas & Birthday gifts!).

After doing the easy part of painting, we had to lay down a new subfloor for the tile.  Well, Scott did that part.

Then we had to start in the middle of the room since it's so far from being square.  We started out with me putting down the mortar and Scott laying the tiles but after a while, I took over both of those jobs since my knees are much better than his.

It took some planning to remember to get ourselves out of the room so we were finishing by the door.

Man was I happy to put in those last three pieces!
 And the pre-grout finished job.  That paper stuck to the door is my inspiration photo.

And then we did the grout which wasn't a walk in the park either.

But I do like how it turned out.  Scored the blue striped rugs at Meijer for $4!

Scott then installed the new light fixture.  This isn't exactly the kind of light I would have installed but that's where the hole was on the wall so a ceiling light was out unless I ran it on hooks and wires.  With the room being all white now, this works pretty good. We actually have two of the lights turned to point up now and bounce the light off the ceiling.

I'm kinda bummed that they are a little taller than the window but I LOVE having the pedestals with the drawers under them.  Now I don't need shelves - which I had a hard time reaching over the old units anyway.

But here's the exciting part - the new dryer has an LED light inside!!!  You can actually see those white socks hiding behind one of the paddles.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! With a room like that I would actually enjoy doing laundry.

We tiled our house a few years ago. I remember the aching knees.