Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014

Getting ready for Christmas was a bit chaotic this year because my work-life was beyond crazy and sucking up ALL my time but with Scott and Amazon's help, we were able to pull it together!

Austin was so thrill with...pajama pants!  LOL!

Madison was super happy to get some new boots...

 And a pretty pink scarf and headband from her brother.

Scott customized a racing shirt for Austin.

 And Madison instantly fell in love with her new yoga mat.

I don't think he was awake enough to realize he was modeling for my camera!

One of these days I'll have two matching table cloths but in the mean time, I'm just happy I can fit 8 easily and I'm pretty confident we could squeeze in 5-6 more.

Later, we got everyone's appetites up with a Wii Bowling Tournament.  I was a winner with Olivia in the first round but then I crashed in the second round.  Too distracted with getting dinner ready I guess! 

A little earlier we did a little portrait photography - of course this started at Madison's request since her and Darryl have to memorialize every occasion when they are dressed up!  And dressed they were - Madison was quite fashionable with her J Crew skirt and necklace and Darryl made a statement in his plaid Christmas shirt with a new green bowtie and Columbia vest.

Scott wore his new 1/4 zip from Madison and hurt our eyes with the bright orange.

Austin also wore a new hoodie (and those new pajama pants that you can't see in the picture thank goodness!).

Daddy definitely loves his kids!

That bow tie got a whole lot of fussing!

I need to photoshop Austin's bright smiling face from one of the other pictures into this one...

And never ones to wear the same clothes for long, Darryl and Madison put on their ugly Christmas sweaters for one last picture later that evening.  

Merry Christmas!!

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