Monday, December 29, 2014

Last Laundry Room Post!

I already posted this picture from the laundry room remodel but it was hiding the one part that wasn't finished.

I hadn't yet repainted the cabinet.  And now that is DONE!  :)  Here it is after I just got started.

 And voila!  Here is the whole finished room!  A little warped looking since I used the pano feature on the phone but the only way to get the whole 8x12 room into one picture.  

Ha!  I just noticed my wine glass sitting on the counter!  No, I don't normally sip wine while doing laundry but I do have my box wine hidden on the window sill behind the dryer!!

And the view from the other direction

 I couldn't be more pleased with how this room turned out.  I still need to eventually replace the big picture window on the other side of the room but in the mean time, its fine.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A nice glass of wine to celebrate completion of a room is always in order.

I think it is beautiful. I'd leave the picture window and just put up drapes or shades of some sort. It is nice to have light in a laundry room!