Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spa Day

Day 2 of our Mother/Daughter Trip started with breakfast in the dining room of the Inn at Bay Harbor. The place was practically empty with only one other couple in there - only 8 rooms occupied in the whole place!  But the food and service were excellent.  I had a "Creme Brûlée Oatmeal" that was amazing!

I was glad we had indoor plans for the morning.  The wind was whipping and the skies were very overcast.  The view of the bay into Lake Michigan was beautiful.

And then the real treat began.  The Spa.

We were shown to the "locker room" and our big fluffy bathrobes and then to the "relaxation room" which was well stocked with lemon/orange ice water and hot tea. This furniture was so comfy!  They had the fireplace lit and it felt good- you could hear the cold wind whipping around that door. 

I obviously don't have photos of the rest of this experience but let's just say it was awesome.  We started with massages with an orange scented lotion.  This was Equestrian Girl's first massage experience and while she enjoyed it, I think her masseuse might have been new or was nervous that EG was new to the experience and didn't seem to do a great job. The one who did her facial seemed to make up for it though and was very friendly and chatty.  We wrapped it up with quick pedicures and big smiles.

After showers and changing clothes, we headed out into the gaslight district of Petoskey for a little cold weather shopping.  We fortified with Chicken Noodle Soup at the Grand Traverse Pie Company and hit the streets.

Our deal of the day ended up being this great dress coat for EG that we got for half off. It's knee length and has these awesome "flowers" around the lapel. Hard to see in this picture...but she was obviously happy with it.

After the shopping we drove along the lake to snap these pictures of the ice.  April 11th and still very much frozen.

That's a little light house at the end of the pier.

As the wind moves the ice when it's breaking up it forms big piles that look like ice bergs.

EG just had to get this sea gull in her picture out the car window.

A little waterfall that comes out under the road into the park and drains down towards the lake.
Last we drove through the houses around the hotel in Bay Harbor - some beautiful places there!

This one isn't really tipping over - just bad photography out the car window!

Some are built on "lanes" where the backs open up to the street but the fronts are very close together on walking paths.  The garages are all to the back.  I like this concept although I'm not sure I'd want one of these houses given the soil beneath them.

This is looking back towards the hotel with houses to our right.  Some are rental duplexes.

There are also houses/condo's up on the bluff to the right that look out towards the lake over this little frozen pond.  This is where you can see evidence of the digging that went on here for years as they unearthed the limestone used for the concrete.
After working out in the gym before dinner, we headed back to the hotel "bar" (the big restaurant was closed - probably because there were so few people staying) for an awesome and expensive dinner.  I have no idea what kind of cabernet I had but it was wonderful.  After dinner we turned on the TV for the first time and watched Glee before snuggling into those down comforters one last time.  It had been a GREAT day!

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