Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Purse Organizer - Getting Crafty!

I love this bag.  I love that it came with three different scarfs that you can change up for the season.  I love the two outside pockets for my keys.  I love that it's lined with a black and white bandana type print fabric.  I do NOT love that it's like a bottomless pit.

 I looked around for an organizing insert and couldn't find anything I liked for a reasonable amount of money and since I'm doing this strict budget thing, I really shouldn't be spending any. So off to Pinterest to find a pattern or an idea or something. And then to Joann's for fabric.

I came home with these 6 quilting squares. I loved the colors (teal is agreeing with me this spring) and figured this would be plenty of fabric to do what I wanted to do.

The off white neutral does have a bit of a pattern to it but I decided that was going to be the inside of the organizer.  I ironed on some fairly stiff interfacing to this fabric and then stitched it the outside fabric - the one on the top in the picture above.  In hindsight, I did this wrong.  I should have attached the interfacing to the outside fabric and then added the outside pockets before stitching it to the inside piece. I also made it too big and had to cut off a section but I ended up using it for the sides so no big loss.

Here I've attached the sides.

I carefully measured that top pocket to make sure I could fit three pens, both cell phones, and my foldable brush in them.  There is stitching between each section.  The bottom pocket is upside down in this picture but it's just a flat pocket.

And voila!  The finished product with contrasting tape along the outside edges to cover up the open seams.

The other side.

The ends (those were really tricky but they turned out pretty good!).

Loaded up and in the cute bag!  My wallet and glasses case are in the middle section.  The empty slot is for my iPhone which I used to take the pictures.

And since I still had one piece of matching fabric, I had to make a new scarf too!  LOVE IT!!

Another hindsight - I probably should have made the organizer about an inch shorter.  At 8.5" tall it fits in this bag just barely and this is a pretty good sized bag.  I might be able to roll the top over a bit and stitch it down...  Anyway, I'm pretty happy with my Saturday afternoon project!

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