Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mother-Daughter Get-away

While it seems like Equestrian Girl and I do lots of weekends away together, 99% of them are usually for horse shows where we work our tails off.  Fun, yes. Relaxing, no.  

On Wednesday we set off on an adventure that would certainly includes some relaxing.  Our first stop was at Grand Valley State University.  My alma mater. EG is considering going there when she graduates high school and since we are homeschoolers, we wanted to make sure that they didn't have any special requirements and she would be considered like any other public school kid.  Happily, she will be.  

The campus has changed a whole lot in the past few decades.  This is what I remember:

But now it mostly looks like this.  Everything is new and modern and beautiful.  There is even a street light at an INTERSECTION on campus!!!
 It was a great tour and visit and has made both of us more comfortable about the future.  GVSU might just see my kid on campus there in a few more years.

Next stop was the Inn at Bay Harbor in Petoskey, MI.  I couldn't get a good picture of the hotel that would have done it justice (only having my phone didn't help that situation).  It's a beautiful place!  It did NOT look like this on Wednesday when it was about 40 degrees and still thinking about the rain that had passed over earlier.

 This is more of what it looked like - these are some of the cottages built around the hotel and yacht club.  Very big, very expensive cottages built on what used to be the land of a concrete factory .  

Our room at this 5 star inn was beautiful and comfortable.  We got checked in, hit the gym for a quick workout, and then down to the "bar" to listen to a 3 man band and have a light dinner.  Then we made good use of these beds with their fluffy down comforters to end our first day away.


OnTheBit said...

Awww...I love that your mother daughter getaway included college hunting! While you are a bit out of my league location wise if you have ANY questions about college or applying feel free to ask me any time. I must admit that I am pretty good at my job. I work at a mostly minority school with 40% of students living below the poverty line and my caseload has had significant gains each year I have been there. In fact, I got called down to the principals office a few months back for a special congratulations from the board of ed because my kids are getting in to good schools and (even more importantly in my book) getting good scholarships so they can actually afford to go to them.

PaintCrazy said...

OnTheBit - that's good to know and thank you!! We are way early on the college search with 3+ years to go but in my book, it's never too early to start, especially when you are hoping for lots of scholarships. EG has a 4.0 right now and we've already started a ACT prep class so hopefully we're on the right path.