Friday, September 21, 2012

Baja Part 3

This track is so big, it's really hard to get good pictures.  No matter where you are, you can only see small sections of the track.  I try to move to a different section for each moto but that still leaves big gaps of time where you are just standing and counting seconds until you can see you boy again.

This is near the front the track and a rather unexciting place to be once they are off the starting gate.

This is along the front too - a place where my boy did a belly smacker a few years ago sending us to the hospital thinking he had internal injuries.  The medics saw bruising on his stomach.  It was just dirt.

This is more towards the middle of the track and I was shooting into the sun so we've got some creative liberties with color in this one!

This is also more in the middle where they keep disappearing behind trees.  It's funny how many times I have taken a picture of a tree with a kid behind it.  I guess I don't even see the tree...weird.

Ah - free advertising.

Watching this stuff from behind the camera is sooooo much better.

Looking all mean and dangerous!

This is that new thing they call a "wall".  They can't jump it, must go over very slow because there's a sharp turn at the bottom.

You can get a sense of how sharp the drop is in this picture.

Looking down and out over some of the camping areas.  Where I'm standing is about 3/4 of a mile from the road and there are campers all the way out to it.  Then a road takes you to the back of the track where there's more camping and where we were.  It's a little quieter up here.

Jumping into the wild blue yonder!

And going down, down, down.  Gulp.

Did anyone notice the leaves starting to turn in some of the other pictures!  Fall is on the way.

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