Monday, October 1, 2012

The Henry Ford

Earlier in September we took a field trip to the Henry Ford to see the Titanic exhibit.  Photos were strictly prohibited.  I complied.  It was a pretty cool exhibit - as you entered you were issued a "boarding pass" for the ship in the name of one of the real passengers.  Sometimes you would see items that were found for that person.  Motocross Boy was a perfume salesman and most of his perfume samples were recovered in the wreckage.  It was amazing to read how many people hadn't planned on taking that ship but because of a strike in London, many other ships weren't leaving port so the passengers were shifted to the Titanic.  One man was kidnapped before boarding but his baggage made it on the ship.  

All three of us "survived".  It was fun to see the kids googling the names of people from the ship to learn a little bit more about them.  

We also did a quick tour of the rest of the museum with Equestrian Girl stopping for a rest with this guy watching a movie about flight.

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