Sunday, September 9, 2012

School is Back in Session!

Love this!  And soooooo true. Except for Equestrian Girl when she has school at the co-op.  Those high school text books are ridiculously heavy.  

We have a mix of stuff going on for this school year.  EG will take biology and bio lab at the co-op along with Spanish and a writing class.  English and history will be with Switched on School house as we've done in the past and Geometry may be SOS or possibly through the Thinkwell School. We are doing a trial with Thinkwell this week to make a decision.

Motocross Boy/Man is doing everything with SOS except for some electives - a studies skills class using SOAR and his metal working/welding with neighbor Jeff.  He's pretty energized so far - he's gotten all A's in Algebra!!

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