Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A great idea

I can't quite claim this idea as my own but it's still a good one.

I saw someone had saved their empty Coffee-mate bottles to use for other stuff.  I used one for my home-made laundry soap and have been saving the rest for something - just wasn't sure what.  Yesterday I pulled out a bag of brown rice.  You know the bags - about a pound or so of rice in a plastic bag that can't be resealed.  I hate those darn things because you are forced to put the whole bag in a ziplock or something and it's still VERY difficult to pour out into a measuring cup.  Thus my idea.  Put the rice in one of my empty Coffee-mate bottles that has a nice pour spout!  I cut off out the label and the directions from the bag and used clear packing tape to stick them to the bottle.  Voila!

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