Saturday, December 24, 2011


I haven't written much about homeschooling lately.  Maybe because we are having such a great year!  Not without hiccups of course, but running pretty well just the same.  Both kids are still doing the majority of their school work with Switched on School House curriculum.  Both do well with it and since much of the grading is done for me, it makes it easier for me too.  Our biggest problem is when a laptop dies or the power cord breaks unexpectedly...and that's not the curriculum's fault!

Motocross Boy/Man is doing ALL his school work with SOS.  He often sits behind me in the office for easy access to my help.  He looks like a geek in this picture with two laptops going!

Equestrian Girl started something new this year going to a homeschool co-op for Algebra and Spanish with her friend, Christmas Lover.  It's held in a church so they call it "church school".  Christmas Lover's mom usually picks them up since I'm working but every now and then I can make it.

The girls enjoy going to the co-op and have become better friends too.  After classes, whoever picks up takes them out to lunch - usually to a place they call "Taco-way".  It's a taco place that lets you build your own taco similar to Subway.  The people that work there were surprised the say they ordered nacho's rather than their usual hard tacos for Equestrian Girl and soft for Christmas Lover!

Equestrian Girl is doing well in the co-op and is finding it a good dose of something closer to "real school" without actually going there.  They've talked about taking a full day of classes next year and not just academics. They'd like to photography and some other fun stuff it they can work it out.  I'm fine with that!

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