Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our first IEA meet - part 2

The day had been a great one with a third place finish in her first reining class. But by the time the second half started the sun had sunk below the horizon and the building, and if it was possible, it got even colder. The girls got smart and left their coats on until the last second to toss to their coaches as they rode to the rail to start.

Equestrian Girl drew another lovely gelding who was a little small for her long legs but a nice enough fellow.

The judge for the second half liked to get up close and personal as the riders went past.

The sun had set but now we had weird shadows from the odd overhead lights that weren't exactly placed on center...

There are quite a few boys that compete in IEA - you can see one behind EG in this picture.

She's such a pretty rider - 2nd place in this class.

But the real excitement was after her second reining class when she drew a little horse name Pancake.  He's a super little guy who really knows his stuff.  He has a funny little hop to his canter but he was good!  The video below is a little dark and blurry in spots but the best I could get in this lighting with my cell phone.

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