Thursday, December 8, 2011

Detroit Mornin'

Another Deeeetroit sunrise!  You can sort of see the big Christmas tree in lights on the tall Blue Cross building to the left but the sun hitting the top sort of wipes it out.  I really like the city early in the morning like this.  It's really very pretty from up high - 17th floor.  But it's still a sad city, even downtown where they try to keep it looking good.  You still see homeless people huddled together on benches before the sun rises and often sleeping on the streets over the steaming man-hole covers.  There's one man who begs from his wheel chair right out in the middle of the street.  When I'm driving the truck I'm so afraid of hitting him because he's down below where I can see him on the other side.  I creep by him so slow I often miss the light and go through on red.  Better a ticket than to run over the guy!

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