Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blogger Friends or "Someone actually reads your blog, Mom!"

I knew I had a few friends that read my blog and even a couple of family members but I had the happy pleasure of meeting a STRANGER who reads my blog!!  Equestrian Girl and I were chilling by the stalls at the Firecracker APHA show in Midland 4th of July weekend when this lovely young lady and her precious daughter stop and ask if I'm Michelle.  Uh...yeah.  She proceeded to tell me she reads my blog!  Equestrian Girl was so incredibly shocked that all weekend long she kept say, "Mom, someone actually reads your blog!"

So Rebecca is no longer a stranger but a friend that reads my blog and she probably thinks I only took these pictures of her and he daughter to be a stalker or something but I didn't.  Just been a bit slow in posting anything for the past....6 weeks or so.  I'm also going to email them to her as soon as I find the envelope that I wrote her email address on.  

Rebecca was making a re-entry to the Paint world with this show after taking time off to have twins and stuff.  I didn't get any pics of her classes but I get sucked into lead-line classes every time and since she was the only entry at this show, I happily snapped away.

Just try to tell me this isn't too cute with their matching shirts!

And that shy little smile!  This judge loved her.

Actually, all four judges loved her (where's the other one?).  This would be my favorite class if I were a judge.  I'd spend all day on this one.

They were giving her MONEY and she was a bit confused by that.

Looks at all those big grins and happy faces!  This class just makes everyone happy.  You can't help but smile.

Even their cute horse looks pretty pleased with that class.  Can't blame him.  Easy peasy!

The proud winners!!!!

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