Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winter and Church Bells

This is actually a picture of Lake Michigan during the big arctic blast snowstorm a few weeks ago.  What looks like mountains are actually just frozen waves topped with snow.  That's what this winter has felt like for weeks now.  Just plain cold and frozen.  And I LIKE winter!

There's a little white church on the lake very close to our house.

This isn't the church and if I weren't so lazy I'd go take a picture of it but I'm quite content in my chair right now.  It's a stand in church.

This morning I heard the church bells.  And I looked outside and the sun was shining and the icicles were dripping madly and I could actually see spring in the future.  And I thought about those bells.  How many people are lucky enough to live close enough to a church that still rings bells?  It's a beautiful sound and I really wish they'd ring them way more often than just at 10:00 on Sunday.

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