Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More out my window

I took these out a different window.  The little half bath window to be honest!  We have some really tremendous icicles growing there.  I took these at dawn one morning and the light comes from the street light.  I used a super slow shutter speed to capture that light but it did make the pics a bit jiggly since I wasn't using a tripod.

I watched these icicle grow about a foot in one day when it was slightly warmer.  Today is supposed to be warmer too and I can't wait to see if they grow more or just break off.

Those tiny greenish lights you can see behind the big tree out in the middle are aliens.  Actually they are lights from houses across the lake.

This one is actually through the living room window.  I liked how the reflection of the living room shows up on the left side of the picture.  You can see the antique handmade snowshoes that we probably needed last week!

Back to the bathroom window and a slightly different angle picking up more of the neighbor's garage and a slightly less jiggly picture.

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