Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The difference of a day

This is what it looked like out my window on Saturday.  On Sunday it started snowing.  And snowing.

And when it was all done, this is what it looked like on Tuesday before the plow came down our little street.

Our little street going the other direction.

The main intersection in town - East Shore and Main Street.

Along Main Street - still snowy but plowed.

A car in a parking lot on Main Street.

The Huron River

A snowy field

There's a house hidden behind all those trees and snow!

Loved the way the wind blew the snow off the roofs of these barns.  Especially the one on the right.  Amost a perfect circle.

Fresh snowmobile tracks.

About 1/4 mile from the Green Oak Shopping areas.  Still very snowy roads.

The parking lot at Costco.

Looking at Friday's from the Costco parking lot.

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