Monday, February 21, 2011

Homeschooling Challenge

I am giving my homeschoolers the day off for President's Day tomorrow.  And it might be a snow day for the public schools which always makes them mad when they still have school - though it's not like snow causes them any trouble to actually GET to school considering most days they stumble down the stairs still in their pajamas to do school.  If I were a really prepared kind of homeschooling mom, I'd have a President's Day themed challenge but I don't.  Instead, it's on The Alps.  The kids took this quiz on Friday and both got 90%.  Without looking up answers, can you get at least 50%???

1.  How many countries do the Alps span?
  • 3
  • 7

 2. What did DaVinci find in the rocks that made him think the mountains had come from the sea?  ____________________________ 
 3. Where did the rocks at the top of the Matterhorn mountain come from?  ____________________________
 4. The Tehys Ocean was between which two continents millions of years ago?
 5. The Molass Basin was created from the tectonic shift of what?  ______________________________
 6. What filled in the Molass Basin north of the Alps?
 7. How do glaciers turn the very bumpy rocks of the Alps into smooth rock?
 8. During the last ice age, what covered the Alps leaving only the tips exposed?  ________________________________
 9. Global warming is melting the ice faster which will do what to the mountains?    ________________________________________
 10. In 200 Million years the Alps will be:
  • 1/4 as tall as now
  • 1/8 as tall as now
  • 1/2 as tall as now
  • 3/4 as tall as now

Being a homeschooler in MY homeschool isn't so easy!

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