Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Motocross!

Motocross:  It's spring so that must mean motocross!  The new Suzuki 85 was decked out with the graphics and ready to GO.  Last Friday we did just that - packed up the motorcross trailer and hit the road for Log Road in Coldwater, MI.  We had been there once before 2 years ago but back then Motocross Boy was still on the junior track.  This time it was big track all the way.
 We had partly sunny skies and WARM weather but it was windy enough that I kept my sweatshirt on most of the time.  My ankles got sunburned in my capri pants!  My guy got out there and got faster and faster each lap of practice - it was a good day.
 This section of the track would come back to haunt Motocross Boy Saturday morning - looks innocent enough, doesn't it?
 Not a lot of spots for a relative beginner to catch air on this track but he managed here.
 The kid loves it when I get pictures of him "roosting" dirt.  For those not in the know that means making a rooter tail of dirt.
Alas, all that great practice didn't do Motocross Boy a lick of good the next day.  He had a good first lap and a tremendous second lap - I was timing it and and it was his best time yet.  But no more than I had hit the stop button and he hit those innocent looking bumps...and got a little squirrelly.  He held it together and the next one got him.  He went flying over the handle bars and landing hard on his upper back and shoulders.

After a few anxious moments the paramedics announced him "okay" and he walked off the track.  He wasn't quite okay YET but he came around and had no lasting damage.  He did, however, announce he wanted to take the rest of the year off from racing.  Uh oh.

We talked a lot about it on the way home and that night.  We absolutely do not want to push him if he's not comfortable or scared.  Those are the kids that get hurt and get hurt bad.  We know he's not the strongest or most competitive racer out there - he doesn't have that total lack of fear that the best riders have nor the win at all costs attitude.  By the next day he had scaled back his "want to take the year off" to just racing at MPX where the track is relatively easy and the competition isn't quite so tough.  But the minute he wants to quit or is too scared - we're done.

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