Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Great Big Book of Everything to do with Horse Shows 2010 Version

Horses:  We were a couple of years deep into horse showing when I was introduced to having a "show binder".  We were at one of our first "bigger" shows and I noticed all the mom's carrying around binders and a new friend asked me where mine was.  Ummmmm.....what is it and why do I need it?

She explained it was a place to keep all your horse's papers and anything you else you might need at the registration desk including copy of the Coggins, registration, numbers, show bills, ID cards, and most important - your check book.

We've now call our show book "The Great Big Book of Everything".  It's now my horse show bible and I'm totally lost without it.  I'm probably a little extreme in how mine is organized and in what it contains but I'm a bit of a binder queen...I find peace at the local Staples.  

The cover of our horse show book is just a copy of Stanley's registration paper - with a cute baby picture of our Stanley!

Inside is another copy of his registration in case I actually have to give it to someone along with several copies of his current Coggins - in a plastic sheet protector of course!
Next are copies of Equestrian Girl's ID cards for Paint, Novice Youth, and PAC (Paint Alternative Competition where you can track points at open shows)
On a nicely color coded chart we have our show schedule for 2010.  On my office wall this chart is greatly expanded to also include all our motocross races.  I kinda have a thing about color coded charts too... (I'm sounding nuttier by the minute)

After the pink tab are show bills for all the Paint shows with the classes EG will be doing.  There are several copies of each in the plastic sheet protector since I can go through 3-4 of them over a long weekend as I fold them up to stuff in and pull out of my pocket several hundred times per day.
Next are a bunch of copies of a chart I use to track EG's placings at the open shows and how many entries there are.  I need this information for the PAC forms and it also lets us see how she might be doing for high point for the day.
After the next tab, we have an entry form for each of the 5 open shows we will do with the Spur of the Moment Horse Club .  In each page protector with the entry form is the form that must be filled out and signed to send to APHA for the PAC points.  We messed up on this last year and waited until the end of the year to send them all in together not realizing they had to be mailed within 30 days of the show!  Oops.  EG lost out on a lot of PAC points because of that mistake.  This year all the forms are filled out as much as possible so we just have to fill in the results.
In the back of the book I keep extra copies of show numbers since we use the same two sets all summer long.  In the front I keep a set of blank checks and a couple of pens.

And this is how a slightly nutty homeschooling/horse show mom keeps organized.

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Aldercreek said...

you are not nutty - a well organized binder is what keeps you sane! Mine is a leather zippered planner binder (so nothing falls out), and it helps me keep track of 5 horses and multiple 4-h kids, plus my kids' rodeo info. I would be lost without it!