Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Google Bible

Homeschooling:  A few months ago we began using a Christian based language arts curriculum even though we are not especially religious.  We all really like it but we do get surprises now and then.  Today Equestrian Girl called me at work with a question/problem.

EG:  MOM!!  There are THREE questions in my assignment today that require me to read a certain bible passage and we don't even HAVE a bible!!  (said with much drama)

Me:  We do too have a bible.  It's upstairs in one of those cupboards.

EG:  It's probably really old.

Me:  Well of course it's old but the story hasn't changed in a few thousand years.

EG:  I meant dusty old.

Me:  Oh.  Just Google the passage you need and see if you can find it that way.

A few hours later...

Me:  Did you find the bible passage you needed?

EG:  Yes, it popped right up on Google.

Me:  Want me to get the real bible out for you when I get home so you can get the 'big picture'?

EG:  No.  I can just use the Google bible when I need it.

Sigh.  I guess blowing off vacation bible school was a mistake...

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