Friday, April 30, 2010

A New Roof!

Our roof was long over due in needing to be replaced.  We've lived in this house about 16 years and the roof was probably close to that old when we bought it.  But it hadn't leaked!

A month or two ago we entered a contest to win a new roof with Rapid Roofing.  While we didn't win first place, we did win second place which was free shingles.  We were pretty happy since replacing the roof wasn't exactly in the budget.  We met with one of the owners, figured out what we needed to do and low and behold, we have a new roof!

The guys that showed up this morning were incredible.  They got to the house about 8:20 and were done by 4:00.  The pictures don't do the job justice - the house was covered in guys working like crazy.  I was totally amazed at how fast they had the 2 layers of old shingles tore off and the new ones on.  It was all the detail and trim work that seemed to take the longest but they were FAST!

The Sign
This is the skylight into Equestrian Girl's room.  Had to remind her to keep her blinds closed today!
We also have a section of roof that is flat with no access to the ground from outside.  The guys had to climb up there with ladders or come through the house.  They used ladders.  They also fixed that roof.
Here's how it looks now - all done!  We still need to paint some trim pieces that were replaced.
The other side.

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