Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Riding

Horses: I like riding in the winter. I really don't mind bundling up to the point I look like I gained 50 lbs or that my arms are so stiff with clothes I can't reach the reins. Stanley doesn't seem to mind too much either. Or at least he doesn't tell me he does.

Motocross: Still no practicing.

Homeschooling: We have a new game for Language Arts. The kids have to review Craig's List ads and the child to find the one with the most grammatical and spelling errors receives a prize. Of course, then they also have to correct the errors to prove to me they know what was wrong and what was right. Some day I'll post the best ones - they really are amusing to read!


OnTheBit said...

You and Stanley look great together!!! I love it!

Bethany from Confessions of an Organized Homeschool Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving a comment. My daughter is likewise horse crazy. She would LOVE to own a horse, but currently works on a farm to earn riding time.

Tracey said...

Heh...well, you know when you're bundled up that much, you bounce if the horse gets you off during one of those 'it's cold and I'm frisky' sprees!