Saturday, January 23, 2010


Horses: Equestrian Girl had her first saddleseat "lesson" yesterday. Our friend Laurie has offered several times to let her ride Kiss, her saddlebred, and yesterday we finally made it happen. I think we created a monster. She had a BLAST!! Afterwards she said our kind of riding was 'boring' and that this was much more fun.

Riding saddleseat is very opposite of what we do riding western pleasure with Stanley so it was quite a change for Equestrian Girl. A few weeks ago she got to ride saddleseat on our friend's Morgan so she had a tiny bit of experience but this was much bigger and faster and no doubt, quite exhilarating. I sense a change in disciplines in our future....

Homeschooling: I'm doing it again. I'm changing curriculum for Language Arts for both kids next week. Actually, it's a definite change for Motocross Boy. For Equestrian Girl, it's sort of a side track. She's finished the curriculum we were using through 9th grade. She just turned 12. I really don't think she's ready to move up to the next level so we are going to "review" 8th and 9th grade again. She agreed so I don't think she sees it as moving backwards. She admitted she probably doesn't remember a lot of what she learned and it wouldn't hurt any. It's supposed to come on Tuesday or Wednesday next week but I probably won't be able to start using it until the following week.

I also ordered the science curriculum from the same company. It looks really interesting...we have a pretty good thing going right now with the "How the Earth was Made" shows and we are all learning a lot watching them. The new stuff will be for after we are done with those. Maybe. Maybe we'll mix it up. This is why I love homeschooling! Get bored and change!


OnTheBit said...

OMG saddleseat is SOOOOO much fun! I have taken several lessons of it. I would do it again if there was a barn near me that still did it! It is like flying! And keeping your hands so high and your leg so forward just feels I am jealous of your daughter being able to do it! I think you need to try it yourself!

TCavanaugh said...

I have such respect for your ability to handle home schooling. I wish I would have done that with my middle child when she was young. As for Equestrian Girl...I do sense a change in riding discipline...good luck! :)

Pony Girl said...

Thanks for letting me know about this fun! Do you think EG will really want to switch disciplines??
I am so excited for my first lesson, but also nervous! It takes a lot of energy to ride saddleseat, I think....and I'm SO out of shape, LOL! I imagine the instructor will just be mellow with my first lesson and assess my level or experience and ability. In fact, I kinda hope she just puts me in a western saddle, hee!

PaintCrazy said...

OTB: No saddleseat for me. The only flying I'm still young enough to do is on a plane!

TC: You could homeschool. Just like when you got into the cows - you did your homework and figured it all out!

PG: It wouldn't surprise me if after this summer EG wants to change disciplines. She's a real goal oriented kid and loves to be challenged so this might be what she needs to do next. As for you doing it - don't think of the energy you'll need, think of how much exercise you'll get and how great of shape you'll be in!