Monday, November 2, 2009

A Baja Halloween

Halloween weekend was spent this year at Baja for the Monster Mash - a big motocross race. Lots of stuff going on all weekend for the kids including costume contests, pumpkin carving, etc. In spite of it being rather cold, damp, muddy and windy, the kids dressed up and went out trick or treating camper to camper!

Most of our "gang". Equestrian Girl is the pretty pink pirate second to the left and Motocross Boy has on the fuzzy black wig and yellow sunglasses in the middle. Girls on the Right. Boys on the left. It just happened.

The clown and swat boy are brother and sister. Motocross Boy seems to like her nose...

I loved this little guy's costume!

I liked this one even better. He was the littlest one in our "gang" of kids. Everyone kept stepping on his cape and strangling him. One adorable little guy.

Trick or treating in a quasi campground is interesting. Very noisy - no electricity except what everyone gets off their generators. The good thing is that everyone is pretty close together.

Some of the bigger motocross vendors like Fox racing had pretty elaborate displays.

Mud. There was a lot of mud. It had rained for several days before everyone got there on Friday night. They even had to delay the start of practice on Saturday to work on the track...getting rid of some of the mud...

Not much difference in sitting in your garage at home to pass out candy or sitting in your camper garage.

More on the actual racing later!

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