Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Equestrian Girl's Wild Rides

Equestrian Girl had some big time fun last week. We went up to visit our friend Shannon and see the horses she's been training. The first one is her Gypsy, Ace. He's only been under saddle for about a month and was just as cute as cute could be! He took a few minutes to figure out Equestrian Girl's long legs but they looked awesome together.

Big smiles riding this little guy!

Then she lunged Blade, the QH/Paint that Shannon has in training. He was sooooo pretty!

Shannon warmed him up for Equestrian Girl after the lunging.

Equestrian Girl loved his big lofty trot! He's only been in training for a little more than a month too but is going great. Has all his buttons already and just needs refining now.

And then we got up north and she turned on some REAL horse power!!

She won the shirt at Motocross Boy's banquet last weekend and he dug up a pair of pants that fit her. She had to steal Dad's new boots - they were a tad big in the calves but not so bad in the foot!

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