Thursday, November 26, 2009


Thanksgiving has always been a lot more about eating turkey in our family than about giving thanks. Sure, we've tried to start traditions where everyone has to state at least one thing they are thankful for as we sit down at the table but it's never really "stuck". As family has moved south over the years, our table has gotten smaller and smaller. There were years where we had to add a card table or two and this's just the 4 of us. Since our favorite parts of the meal are the turkey, stuffing and sweet potatoes, that's all I'm making. Maybe rolls. It's just such a non-event for us any more...

Horses: We'll take Stanley a fresh apple today.

Motocross: Hmm. Pretty hard to thank the bikes.

Homeschooling: The kids will watch "After the Mayflower" on the History Channel. They were supposed to watch it yesterday but neither of them did - thus having to do it on Thanksgiving. I'm really not that evil!


OnTheBit said...

hahaha...I don't think watching an educational tv show is fact, I think it is pretty cool that is an assignment. I hope you had a good day yesterday and also that you had at least a pie somewhere. I don't know if I can call it thanksgiving at your place if you didn't have a pie!

Grey Horse Matters said...

We just like to relax. Nobody really has room on their plate for vegetables so I only make one. Just turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed, rolls,cranberry sauce and lots of pies and cakes. It's what everyone likes so it works for us. It's not a big deal here either and we just get to enjoy whatever kids and grandkids can make it.

Tracey said...

I'm sorry...I'm just dying laughing here not because of your post, but because I see your blog list and realize I forgot the 's' in Horse in my title...bwaaahaaahaaa!!!

Well, on to Thanksgiving. I'm thankful to turkey's who so graciously give their lives.