Friday, February 3, 2017


Who knew that something so simple as homemade yogurt could be so awesome!  I've been making my own in the Instant Pot for about 6 weeks now and oh my.  Besides knowing exactly what ingredients are in it, it's inexpensive (cost of half a gallon of milk) and you don't end up with tons of plastic waste.

This first pic isn't a full 1/2 gallon's worth but you can see how thick it is.  I add a little Stevia or vanilla and some frozen fruit or granola.  Yum.

This is a better depiction of how much 1/2 a gallon makes.  The big bowl is for later in the week, the little bowl is for tomorrow and the tiny one is what I save to make the next batch since you need live yogurt cultures to make it.

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