Saturday, February 18, 2017

Barn Visit

When I drove up the road to the barn to ride, it was a regular blizzard going on with dark skies and dismal conditions.  By the time I walked out to Mata Bari's pasture, the snow had stopped but the skies were still dark.  You can see her covered in snow below!

Across the pasture, her friend had been napping in his hay.  Not sure why he isn't covered in snow - maybe he had rolled and it shook off.  It also doesn't look like there is as much snow in this pasture which is weird now that I'm looking at it!

Another minute later I had Mata Hari hooked to a lead rope and turned around to this beautiful scene.  First bit of sun we had seen in a long time!

I turned the phone to get a vertical shot and Mata Hari decided she needed to help me frame it up a little better!

A little later, as the sun was setting, I peaked out from the barn to snap this quick picture.  Just an idyllic setting it is out there. Peace.  Tranquility.  Love it.

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OnTheBit said...

All beautiful pictures! And I can think of few places more peaceful than a barn in the snow!