Monday, February 20, 2017

Slip Sliding Away

Apparently the tiny slope to my driveway is enough for my truck to slide down it when it's icy!

I got up to go to work one morning and found my truck sitting halfway out in the road!  (The edge of the road is actually about under the middle of the truck - the plow had done around it).  Madison had drove it home the night before and if I hadn't known better, it looked like a drunk parking job!  I thought maybe she had left it in neutral or something.  So I moved it back into the driveway.  And realized it wasn't in neutral...hmmmmm.

A while later, I get a call that it's back out in the road!  The neighborhood maintenance guy has the same truck so he moved it back up for me after dropping a BUNCH of salt on the drive!!

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OnTheBit said...

Yikes!!! This is a little concerning.