Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Moving Day

I've only moved a couple of times (as in a full house move) and each time I swore I'd hire professional movers the next time.  So of course this time I hired Austin and his friend Jim.  I really didn't think I had all that much.  I was wrong.

The two biggest and bulkiest things to move were the washer and dryer.  They managed to get them unhooked after we made a huge mess because we didn't turn off the water first!  LOL!

We had borrowed neighbor Jeff's appliance dolly which was a huge life saver. Even if we had it hooked up all wrong.  He came over and set us straight.

We were using the horse trailer to move most of the stuff so while the boys loaded the back end with the big stuff, I took advantage of the hooks in the front to hang clothes.  By the time we were loaded up, both front and back were stacked nearly to the ceiling!

It took a long time to load but unloading went pretty quick.  Getting a bed set up so I had a place to sleep that night was high on my priority list.  Austin and Jim went to work and had it back together in no time.  This is actually Austin's futon and will move to his room as the floor gets done.

As the piles of stuff started to fill up the living room, it got a little overwhelming.

Dining room was getting crowded and I hadn't even brought over my table yet!

While I stood turning in circles trying to figure out where to even start, the boys took time out to set up the TV.  You can see them on the far right side of this picture.

And it works!  No cable for me.  I have Netflix and Amazon Prime which should be plenty since I really don't watch all that much TV anyway.  This nice SMART TV does it all I guess.  That gorgeous (ICK!) coffee table got left behind by the previous owners so it's stepping in to do duty as a TV stand until I get one.

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