Monday, June 27, 2016

Master bathroom

It's not actually done yet but I have a good start.  The master bathroom was mostly "white" walls with this one hideous brown wall.  I'm loving this Behr Marquee paint - it really does cover in one coat - even another color this dark.

Austin was over to help me take down this mirror so I could paint behind it.  Surprise. It was GLUED to the wall!  We were being so careful trying to hold it after we had unscrewed the little clips that we thought were holding it and then had to pry the damn thing off which of course cracked it.  Now I think I understand why the other bathroom mirror is cracked - they probably tried to take it down when they painted that bathroom and failed.  New mirror is now in the budget.

With the two glass block windows this room is never dark.  Even at night.  There's a street light in front of my house so I'll never need a night light in the bathroom!  Those window did require some serious caulking though.  I still haven't figured out what to do with the window sills. They are some sort of plastic composite and are in rough shape.  Some sort of paint I suppose unless I can use contact paper cut REALLY carefully maybe?

Looking better painted.  Light bulbs are on the list...

Three weeks until the flooring goes in...the rug just doesn't do much to hide the particle board floor, does it?

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