Monday, October 26, 2015


This beautiful bride was the flower girl in my wedding almost 25 years ago...last night she was the bride with her little sister as her maid of honor.

Three beautiful women - Audine is one of my oldest friends and looks like she could be a sister of her daughters!

Their handsome brother came home from Korea.  He has turned into a MAN while he was gone!

The bridesmaids.

Bride and her baby brother.

My beautiful friend and mother of the bride with her handsome hubby of 31 years!

Me and Audine with Austin

Nick and Krista - the happy couple!


 A selfie of me and my date before the wedding.

Another with Audine sneaking in for a smile!

And Austin just had to get one with the bride of course.  Though his secret crush has long been her younger sister...

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