Saturday, October 10, 2015

First Dressage Show

It was a long 6 months rehabbing this awesome horse from injury so Madison was really excited to finally be able to do a schooling dressage show at Willowbrooke - a place where she did one of her first shows at 8 years old!

The sunrise was beautiful this chilly morning and I got to watch it from the barn door - the morning of a horse show.  I love that.

So while I watched the sun rise, Madison was hard at work getting Mata Hari's mane braided for the show.

Almost finished.

 Our fabulous pony decided she didn't want to leave the barn and gave us some trouble loading onto the trailer.  This meant we arrived at the show almost 30 minutes later than we had planned.  But being a seasoned pro at showing, Madison pulled it together and she was ready to ride into the ring well before they called her.

It was so crazy to pull into a horse show and be done 30 minutes later!  In our stock horse world they were all day events, often into the wee hours.  So we waited around for the results of her class.

Any my duo took 2nd place!!  Smiles all around - we were super happy.

Our beautiful princess pony...

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to your two! I love Madison's vest - very nice look for a schooling show.