Friday, October 2, 2015

Almost Done with the Painting Project

Some home renovation projects just seem to take forever and this has been one of them.  We've been working on getting the house painted for a month now and we're into the final stretch.  I spent much of last Saturday painting the spindles of this deck railing.  Getting down and up in-between those boards was a b*itch!  I guess that's why we didn't re-paint them the last time we painted the house 15 years ago.  And sitting cross legged on that black roof-deck for 6 hours wasn't much fun either.

I did have lots of company.  These little dragon flies seem to really love sunning themselves on the railing.  Every time I stood up there were at least 6-10 of them up there.

And when I got done, I plopped a chair on the little deck in the backyard and had myself a cold beer.  Ahhhhhh, relaxation!!

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Anonymous said...

I remember my dad having to paint our house a few times (Massachusetts) and then he had siding put up. You have done an amazing job as I remember how hard he worked on it. Our house is stucco. We may have to have it re-stuccoed but they say that in New Mexico it should last 50 years. As I'm 52 and the house is 23 years, I'm hoping it lasts for 70 years.