Thursday, November 13, 2014

Laundry Room Remodeling

This is one of those projects that was long over due.  We had replaced a sliding glass door with the door and window a long time ago but the ugly brown paneling and yellow ceiling were from 1981 - long before we bought the house.  I didn't want to replace the paneling with drywall but I also hated the texture in the drywall.  So I decided to try putting drywall mud on the paneling...I liked the painted paneling look but wanted the boards to be smooth.

The laundry room is about 8 x 12 with the washer, dryer, sink and cabinet all on one wall.  This meant moving stuff around a lot to get to the walls.

The other end of the room is almost a mirror image except it actually leads into the main part of the house.


And since I had this light blue and white scheme in my head...

 Ta da!!!

The painting is done - now we have to put in the new ceramic tile floor, replace the cabinet or paint it and I'm done!

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Anonymous said...

Love the color!