Monday, November 10, 2014

Homecoming Pictures part 2

After pictures at our house, we went to the Millpond park in Brighton where we knew the fall colors were pretty and the water would make a great backdrop.  The sky had cleared up during the day and the setting sun was amazing.

One of our first stops on the boardwalk gave Equestrian Girl the perfect opportunity to re-enact the bow of the ship scene from Titanic.

I did bring along my camera and was snapping a few from the sidelines...

Oops - this one is actually back at our house in the back yard.

 More heels getting kicked up in excitement!  We were pretty far away on a bridge that cross the pond.

Loved the colors in this one - that tree was just on fire!

Super glad that we got this one!  Love my princess!

Sylvie much prefers to be behind the camera but we did get her in a couple!

Next they went to his Dad's house for a few pictures there, too.

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