Friday, November 14, 2014

And a Bit of Bathroom Remodeling

This little upstairs bathroom was not a planned remodel.  It started out with what I thought was a leaky toilet.  I asked Scott to check the seal on the bottom of the toilet because I wasn't sitting quite flat any more.  I came home and the bathroom was gutted down to the studs.  This bathroom was last remodeled almost 20 years ago when it had a regular bathtub snugged up under the soffit you can best see in the last picture below.  I was probably the only person that could stand up to shower!  Back then, that soffit went all the way across the wall.

The last remodel we shortened that soffit (can't remove it - big vent pipe in there) and put in a corner shower stall and a pedestal sink.  

This time we went slightly more modern-looking.  This corner shower also shouldn't leak as badly as the other one tended to do because the door never did shut quite right.  

The small sink cabinet was a compromise to having a teenage daughter who needs a place to put her "stuff".  It's a fairly shallow cabinet so there's still plenty of room in this tiny bathroom - it's only 5'x8'.

The shower stall is small but with the window placement, we really couldn't go any bigger without doing a custom deal which would have blown the budget more so than it already did with an unplanned remodel.

I'm so happy to have this one done now and have the kids back out of my bathroom!

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