Monday, September 23, 2013

Moving Day!

After 3.5 years at Superior Stables, it was time to move Stanley over to our friend Sheri's farm.  We had loved Superior and have so many good friends there now but to cut expenses and anticipation of change, it was time.

Stanley surely thought we were just loading up to go to a horse show.  Except that it was a Tuesday.

He loves being able to look out the window before we leave.

EG caught me closing up his window.  Our old trailer looks like a battleship but it sure does get the job done.  

Backing off the trailer, Stanley caught sight (and heard) the mini donkey and immediately had to check him out.  Donkey was quite interested in the newcomer as well.  Talk about love at first sight!

Donkey and baby Cadence were VERY interested in Stanley - "Hey new guy!"

They were rather sad to see him go into a stall and not stay outside to play with them....maybe tomorrow.

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