Sunday, June 23, 2013

MIA Continues

Yes, I'm fine and actually recovering from the hip surgery ahead of schedule.  As of this week I'm almost totally off the crutches (I'm still supposed to use them for any kind of long distance but they didn't tell me exactly what equates to a long distance and in my mind, that's like a half mile or so.  Right?).  My flexibility is excellent and I have minimal pain - just a little achey when I've done too much.  All good.

In the middle of this recovery, while I was still on crutches, we had a horse show.  God knows I wasn't really ready for THAT but being the dedicated horse show mom, I was determined.  Heck, I had PLANNED this surgery between shows!  Dad and Motocross Boy/Man were a huge help.  They came out on Saturday to help us unload and get set up and then were back on Sunday until the end to help load it all back up again.  I couldn't have done it without their help and I'm not sure Equestrian Girl could have done it all herself.

If she had, she would have looked like my friend's donkey when she got done!

I made my life a little easier by borrowing Motocross Boy/Man's pedal bike but I couldn't use it with the regular seat.  Since it's a BMX bike, it's not really meant for sitting much.  My butt knew that instantly.  But our resourceful neighbor had a selection of 5 different seats for me to try out and one was a nice big momma seat.  It looked a little funny.

The show went well and Equestrian Girl and Stanley rocked their classes as always.  Except for one Western Pleasure class.  Stanley had a bug or something in his ear and tossed his head.  Doing this flipped his one rein over his head so EG found herself holding two reins on one side of his head.  The judge and ring steward saw this and were cracking up because both of them just kept going like absolutely nothing was wrong.  

We've also been busy finishing up school for the year and the boys have hit a few motocross races (too much walking for me) including one today where Motocross Boy/Man took 3rd place overall!!!  His best finish so far this year!!

We have a busy summer planned and it feels like it's just getting started even though we are deep into June...the fun will continue and I'll try to keep up.  

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