Sunday, July 22, 2012


Along with going "granola" I'm adding in some redneck too.  After the last little horse show, I really needed to clean out the trailer since 4H fair is next and I could potentially be living in the trailer for a week.  I hooked up the sewage tanks to the sewer drain in the driveway and ran the hose to the toilet for a good clean out.  In the middle of all that I had finished a load of horse "clothes" from the wash and figured they would almost dry faster in that hot sun than in the dryer banging around so I attempted to string a clothes line.  The lightbulb in my brain went on when thinking where to hang it - those tie rings on the trailer would be perfect!  The bracket holding the AC on the house made another end and voila!  Totally redneck set up but at least I didn't have the horse grazing in the garden on the other side!

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