Monday, July 9, 2012

A New Old Friend

I have met a few email friends over the years - people that I knew only from emailing and or pictures and I had the privilege of that happening again recently!  Beth is a horse friend with 2 Percherons in Kentucky that she calls the 3B's for "Big Butt Boys".  She came up with her husband Doug (you can see him in the window reflection taking our picture) and they made time to stop in Brighton to have brunch with me at The Breakfast Club.

It was like we had done this every week for years - just two old friends getting together for brunch on a sunny morning!  Of course, I was actually on my way to a meeting and Beth and Doug were on their way to a big draft horse event in Clare but it worked!!!  We got to meet.  That means I've met two people in this email group now and Beth has met two including me.

This is my brunch - Strawberry cream cheese french toast.  YUM!

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