Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back to school....

It seems crazy to be planning for school in the middle of July but that's what we are indeed doing right now.

Equestrian Girl has been schooling all summer to double dip on a few subjects.  Motocross Boy/Man worked hard to be done in early June and voted to take the summer off.  Well, almost off since he still meets with our wonderful tutor, Hannah, once a week to work on Math.

MCB/M will continue to do all his schooling at home next year except for his "industrial arts" class next door with Jeff learning to weld and work with metals.  He will use Switched on School House for all subjects including Math (Algebra 1) this year.  We might add some Ted Ed video lessons to keep things interesting.  I'm only just digging into Ted Ed videos but so far I'm pretty impressed - and it's all free!!

Eq-Girl will attend the homeschool co-op twice a week now though I have no idea how I'm going to get her there and back every week.  This could be interesting.  Her friend A is going on Tuesdays so we can share that day.  She'll be taking Algebra 2, Spanish 2 and Biology at the co-op along with a sculpture class for an art credit and time filler.  The rest she'll use Switched on Schoolhouse.  The girl is making big plans for a straight 4.0 through high school with hopes of going to UofM when she graduates.

My kids are growing up so fast and having them homeschooling has been such a blessing.  Our relationships are so much stronger and we've had so much more time to teach them OUR morals and values rather than being swayed by peer pressure in those years when they are most vulnerable.  Love my kids!!!


OnTheBit said...

Not to go all guidance counselor on you...but have you thought about having your daughter try an online high school? There are some wonderful accredited online high schools (faith biased or not). During some of my PDs the colleges have mentioned being reluctant to take students who were home schooled (which you and I both know is stupid, but seeing some of the students who come in to me that were home schooled I do kind of get where they are coming from). The big universities said they like it when the home schooled students do time based online high school vs. a unit based school. I am assuming UM is Michigan, and if so it is a fantastic school, but very hard to get in to. I am sure that you have carefully considered all the options, but I just can't help but butting my nose in! Oh, and you should also have her get going on the USEF's varsity letter program. It is a wonderful way for her to get credit for stuff she is already doing!

PaintCrazy said...

It's okay to go all guidance counselor on me! We will do some online classes junior and senior year but not a full on-line high school program unless I can find one that fits into what I want to get from it. We don't do a unit study type curriculum now and very closely follow the state's requirements as a minimum and then add to that.

I'll have to look into USEF's varsity letter program - I did a while back and then forgot all about it! Thanks for the reminder.