Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Road Trip with a Friend

Equestrian Girl was invited on a short road trip up north with her friend K.  They managed to get a LOT of trip into 2 days.

They went "golfing".

 Although posing for "golfing pictures" was more fun than playing.

They dipped their toes in Grand Traverse Bay which leads out to Lake Michigan.

They splashed in the water a bit too.

They posed for more pictures.

 And more.

And more.

And then they let the friend's parents get in on the posing agent.  With a giant fish.  Nobody could tell me the story behind this fish.  I'm guessing it's a Rainbow Trout - the Michigan State Fish.

They also went to Gaylord and Frankenmuth - as I mentioned,  a lot of vacation in 2 days.

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