Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trip to University of Findlay

Last weekend Equestrian Girl had a lesson with Mark Smith at the University of Findlay. We've been there many times before but I had an urge to take pictures this time!

We weren't on campus obviously but out at the farm grounds.  Its landscaped so pretty!

Cool lampposts with UofF signs line the driveway in.

Hard to see but these were goats.
 And this side of the field had sheep.
 One of the lamp posts.
 A cute horse that was in the round pen out back that just HAD to say hello to Equestrian Girl.

The horse is Josh.  He was a lot like Stanley - even looked a bit like him!
 After lunch we made a side trip to the Smith's house to see Slipper and her foal, Ella.  Ella was shy.
 And didn't want to hold still at all!
 She'd dash away just as I tried to click.  But she is as cute as can be and lopes around like a real western pleasure star!

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