Monday, April 23, 2012

Horse Teeth

Not everyone knows that horse teeth need to be cared for just like humans.  Although in a very different way.  They actually grow sharp edges on their teeth that can hurt their tongue or the insides of the mouth.  So an equine dentist grinds them off.  Our vet is an equine dentist and he uses power tools for most of the work and hand tools for the finishing touches.

This is Stanley getting his teeth cleaned.  He's in la-la land after a good dose of anesthesia so he doesn't mind this horribly barbaric contraption on his face that holds his mouth open.  The ropes go over the cross bar at the top of his stall and hold that white buoy looking thing under this chin. This helps hold his head up and then the vet goes to work with the little light on his head so he can see good!

We love Dr. Esterline at Kern Road Veterinary Clinic and Stanley does too!

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