Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Waaa Waaa (sounds like BaaaBaaa)

While I would have thought goats were quite like sheep, apparently mid-afternoon is NOT their nap time.  Most of them were awake and all too happy to be photographed.  They also come in an astounding variety of shapes and colors.

This type has basset hound ears and heads dipped in brown paint.

This one would look like a little white fawn if it weren't for those weirdo goat eyeballs.

What's that African deer animal - a gazelle? - that looks like this.

A lot of the goats came running up to the edges of their cages.  They probably wanted to eat my dangling camera strap.

Is this a goat in sheep's clothing?

Okay, this one DID just wake up and was doing his stretches.

I'm not even sure what you call this color but it was way cool!

This little guy was so freakin' cute with his blue eyes that he came very close to getting smuggled out in my camera bag.  I would have brought him back when he got big though so that's not fair.

Another camera hog with those big floppy beagle/basset hound ears!

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