Monday, August 9, 2010

The Kids of 13 & Under at Spur

Equestrian Girl shows with a great bunch of kids on our little open circuit.  They all get along good and are friendly with each other.  You'd think they'd be super competitive but for the most part, they all just hang out between classes, joking around and being cool.  They are all pretty close in age - 11-13.  A few will move up to the next age bracket next summer breaking up their happy little club....

This is Mac.  She's Equestrian Girl's best competition.  They trade off on the High Point award every other show it seems.  Show clothes were optional so Mac skipped the jacket.

This is Mark's daughter that rides in the W/T classes with me on Connor.  She won this English Pleasure class!

This horse shares a pasture with Stanley and is owned by one of the barn owners.  The rider is the other barn owner's daughter.  They don't normally come to the Spur shows but did this time and unfortunately had a sore horse and didn't do so hot.

This is Mr. B.  He's one of the few boys that competes in this series and is one smart dude - very little competition for girls when you are the only guy!!

Miss T is a Spur old timer.  Her MOM showed in this series back when she was a teen and Miss T is carrying on the tradition.

And last but not least, my Equestrian Girl.

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